Issue 26. December 5, 2018. Interview by Muriel Francois. Photographed by Clement Pascal. Commissioned by Totokaelo at Sculpture Space NYC.


In Her Permanent Collection. October 2018. Interview by Fanny Singer. Photographed by Elissa Osterland in residency at Shiro Oni Studios.


Vessels of Humble Mud. October 15 2018. Interview by Mikal Strøm.


Expanding on Sculpture. September 2018. Photographed by Yudi Ela. Jewerly and Set by Elizabeth Whitcomb of Tapley. Movement and Styling by Tenaya Kelleher. Garments by La Garconne Moderne. Words, Art Direction, Sculpture by Simone Bodmer-Turner. Models : Kassandra Thatcher, Elizabeth Whitcomb, Nicole Valencia, Simone Bodmer- Turner.


Simone Bodmer-Turner Offers a Return to Earth. August 16 2018. Photographed by Jenna Saraco for Either And. Vessels and Art Direction by Simone Bodmer-Turner.


Interview with Artist Simone Bodmer-Turner. August 2018. Interview by Nico Jacobson. Photographed by Clement Pascal. Shot at Sculpture Space NYC


The Primary Essentials Journal

Artist Profile Simone Bodmer-Turner. April 2018. Interview by Lauren Snyder. Photographed by Alex Royle. Shot at Sculpture Space NYC.


Tea Ceremonies and Kiln Firings: A Ceramicist Learns an Ancient Craft in the Mountains of Japan. November 4 2016. Interview by Brooke Bobb. Shot by Simone Bodmer-Turner in residency at Shiro Oni Studios.